Fans of... The Haunting in Connecticut

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Fans of...The Haunting in Connecticut
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The Haunting in Connecticut
Welcome to 'Fans of The Haunting in Connecticut'! This is the place where any and all fans of the 2009 movie can express their love through whichever medium they prefer.
Disclaimer: We have no connection to the movie or anything, we're poor fans, please don't sue us!

The Rules:
1) You can post any genre fics (including slash), icons, pictures, gossip, discussion - anything to do with The Haunting in Connecticut!
2) When posting:
* Your entry can be 'public', or 'members only' if you wish it to be.
* Fics of any length or large pictures must go under an lj-cut (ask if you need help). Only three icons or a small thumbnail outside the cut as a teaser.
* Entry must be tagged appropriately (there are no tags as yet though. We can take a vote on how people want them when/if there are enough of us)
* Have a proper fic header - this is the basic one:
Title: (no 'Untitled' fics please, they WILL be deleted, because it's pure laziness)
Disclaimer: (because we don't want to get sued!!)
3) All pairings/genres are permitted, but remember to state what they are so people can choose what they would like to read.
4) We like beta'd fics. It's not compulsory, but it's nicer. If your grammar/spelling/formatting is terrible, you will be asked to change it, so be aware. A few mistakes are fine, everyone makes them after all.
5) Have any comments, queries, problems etc? Just ask.
6) If your post breaks any of the above rules and you do not fix it within 24 hours when asked to by mods, it will be deleted.
7) Don’t be an idiot, we’re all here to have fun.

The Golden Rule: Fanfiction MUST BE about the movie, NOT the real life people. The experiences of the real life family that this film is based on must NOT feature in any fanfiction, as writing a story about them would be VERY disrespectful. So you may expect to receieve a SEVERE warning if a fic so much as mentions the real family. Treat the movie as pure fiction. Discussion about the real life facts are fine, but you MUST NOT include them in any fanfiction. Breaking of this rule more than once will lead to merciless banning. You have been warned.

A final point: As we're new to this and the community is young, rules etc will be up for discussion later, if we get some members!!