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Fans of... The Haunting in Connecticut

Why do bad things happen to good people?

masked man
Anyone else here? I love this movie and there should be an active community for it.... Surely I'm not alone in thinking that since there's a community at all:)

 I know this comm is very slow, almost non-existent really. But who says all fandoms have to be inundated all the time? For anyone who does check up on here occasionally, here are some vids I found on youtube. None are mine, but I thought I'd post them anyway. 

Vid one: Matt/Jonah, just a short snippet:

Vid two: Jonah, bringing sexy back? I know wtf, but worth it for the weirdness:

Vid three: Jonah tribute. Easily the best; brilliant song choice and clever editing:

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HERE @ mowmows  !

Leaving Community
Hello. I'm leaving this community just because I have moved on from the fandom. (and it seems rather dead) Should anyone like to take on my mod position feel free to post on the community your intentions or message the leader. This is nothing against the fandom or any of you wonderful people. I've just grown uninterested in this fandom. Good luck and good night.

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LJ Friends; Cupcake to my cherry pie
The horror flick The Haunting in Connecticut, which was panned by critics when it opened in late march but went on to earn $55 million at the box office (a success for a low-budget shock film), was the top seller on the DVD sales chart last week, according to Nielsen VideoScan First Alert. However the Nicolas Cage sci-fi thriller Knowing remained the top rental film for the second consecutive week, according to Home Media magazine. The direct-to-video Horsemen, starring Dennis Quaid, which faced a stampede of angry online reviewers, came in at No. 5 on the sales chart.


advances - peter, wendy - r
LJ Friends; Cupcake to my cherry pie
title: advances
rating: r
character/pairing: peter, wendy
summary: All Wendy wanted to do was help.
notes: incest, non-con. pre movie, probably could be considered slightly AU. written for smallfandomfest, "Peter/Wendy, he's drunk -- again"

here @ morlockific

DVD news!
Mass Effect Kaidan space boo-tay!
Lionsgate Home Entertainment announced the DVD and Blu-Ray release The Haunting in Connecticut on July 14th. Special features include:

• Commentary track with Director Peter Cornwell, Co-writer Adam Simon, Producer Andrew Trapani and Editor Tom Elkins
• Commentary track with Cornwell, Virginia Madsen and Kyle Gallner
• Deleted scenes with optional commentary
• Two Dead Boys: Making of The Haunting in Connecticut featurette
• The Fear is Real: Re-Investigating the Haunting featurette
• Memento Mori: The History of Post Mortem Photography featurette
• Anatomy of a Haunting featurette


Er, interestingly, the DVD cover art announces it as the 'Extended Cut' though they don't feel the need to add that to its specs.

connect - matt, jonah - pg.13
LJ Friends; Cupcake to my cherry pie
title: connect
rating: pg-13
character/pairing: jonah, matt
summary: He can't deny it. The two of them are irrevocably connected.
notes: not exactly what i had in mind and it's a little disjointed, but it works i think. i wrote most of it a while ago and then got writer's block, so the ending doesn't quite hold up with the rest of it unfortunately.
(provides the means for the ignorant)

My first attempt at this fandom
I may keep going with this and turn it into a little story. I'll think about it.
Title: The Boy on Fire
Character[s]: Matt, Jonah
Summary: That night I didn't get any sleep.
Disclaimer: I in no way, shape, or form own the movie.
Comment your opinions!

One giant scab is what he was, staring at me through permanently blood shot eyes.Collapse )

once or twice - matt/wendy - pg.13
LJ Friends; Cupcake to my cherry pie
title: once or twice
rating: pg-13
character/pairing: matt/wendy
summary: It only happened once or twice. And one time, it didn't happen at all.
notes: incest. written under the assumption that matt and wendy were probably around 17 in the film.
(he saw it too)